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BMW R1200 RT

The king of all touring bikes and the perfect illustration of BMW's master craftsmanship in this field. The Bavarian manufacturer has poured all of its know-how into the design of its R1200 RT.


Built-in comfort

A true road bike, the R 1200 RT is made to go for miles. Its entire design has been conceived to ensure the comfort of the rider and passengers. The lowered seat makes the motorcycle easy to mount, despite its large (25 litre) tank.

Its well-made shock absorbers are adjustable to suit all tastes and purposes. Its wide handlebars allow you to ride for hours without getting tired from poor posture.

The various dashboard configurations can be adapted to suit different scenarios: riding solo or in pairs, loaded or with no luggage. There's no doubt about it, this touring bike is made of equal parts technology and modernity.

The R 1200 RT can adapt to bad weather in the blink of an eye with its Rain mode, while its heated handles mean you'll be happy to ride for hours even in the cold.

Surprising handling for a 275kg motorcycle

Getting about the city is almost child's play, even though the 1200 RT is a metre wide. Its 1170cc two-cylinder engine, borrowed from the 1200 GS, provides all the power it needs. It accelerates well and the engine is really flexible, an impressive achievement for a bike of this size.

In spite of its weight and engine size, the 1200 RT's fuel consumption allows it to go for over 300 kilometres, cementing its skills as a trail-blazer.


The MICHELIN Pilot Road 4

The perfect tyre for all touring bikes. The Pilot Road 4 brings together a whole host of qualities, one of Michelin's most successful tyres in recent years. Its unusual tread pattern allows it to brake very effectively, especially in the wet.

Thanks to a new silica mix compound, these tyres are longer lasting and guarantee excellent grip in any conditions, whether it's really hot or really cold.

Check out the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyre