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A one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson motorcycle

The Fat Bob is in a class of its own in the Dyna range. Instantly recognisable for its twin front headlights, its impressive fuel tank and semi-solid tyres, the Fat Bob really gets the blood pumping. This motorcycle has a look, an allure, that guarantees it'll turn heads.

Recently revisited by the "Dark Custom" series, the Fat Bob is darker and more impressive than ever before. It has a spirit that's 100% made in the USA. Yet behind its imposing appearance, the Fat Bob is a motorcycle that's full of history and is surprisingly well-balanced.


Astonishing handling

In spite of its huge size and weight, the Fat Bob has astonishing handling for a motorcycle. Its purring TwinCam 103 engine (1690cc) pushes its 320 kilograms around with no trouble at all.

Never caught short, this powerful combination makes you feel like you could cruise for hours in total comfort, to the tune of the sweet music of its double-barrel Tommy Gun exhaust. To keep this beast in check, Harley-Davidson has kitted out the Fat Bob with double disc brakes at the front and an anti-lock braking system (ABS), now fitted as standard by the Milwaukee manufacturer. A passenger seat means you can share the Fat Bob experience with a friend.


Many different influences

Behind its solid custom appearance, the Fat Bob is actually made up of many different influences. Its mudguards are cut short at the back, giving it a pared-down look that feels like a bobber. The driving position is imposed by the bike; arms akimbo and legs forward, in true Harley-Davidson style.

The impressive fork over the 16-inch front wheel is a nod to chopper culture. Taking inspiration from the past, the Fat Bob is a condensed history of America on two wheels, where the bobber and chopper cross paths.


MICHELIN Scorcher: The exclusive Harley-Davidson range

For such a unique motorcycle, Michelin engineers have developed a unique tyre: the MICHELIN Scorcher 32. Their tread pattern enables optimal water drainage for great grip on damp surfaces. The tyres' bias structure means they can carry the motorcycle's weight with no problems, even with a passanger.

Their diagonal construction works in harmony with the Fat Bob's handling, making it even more agile in town and on winding roads, with no compromise on safety. Many elements of performance come together in a single tyre with a decidedly vintage style for the finishing touches to the Fat Bob's look.

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